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Important notice regarding the future of PyFITS

All of the functionality of PyFITS is now available in Astropy as the package, which is now publicly available. Although we will continue to release PyFITS separately in the short term, including any critical bug fixes, we will eventually stop releasing new versions of PyFITS as a stand-alone product. The exact timing of when we will discontinue new PyFITS releases is not yet settled, but users should not expect PyFITS releases to extend much past early 2014. Users of PyFITS should plan to make suitable changes to support the transition to Astropy on such a timescale. For the vast majority of users this transition is mainly a matter of changing the import statements in their code--all APIs are otherwise identical to PyFITS. STScI will continue to provide support for questions related to PyFITS and to the new package in Astropy.

Submitting Issues to PyFITS

Dear PyFITS users and interested developers,

PyFITS issues have moved to GitHub:

Due to an incessant onslaught of spam against the Trac ticket system, we have disabled anonymous submission of new tickets on Trac. Existing open tickets will remain open until they are dealt with, and will not, for the time being, be transferred over to GitHub. But please submit all new issues on GitHub. This requires an account on GitHub which you can sign up for on the GitHub homepage: Registration is free and they'll never bug *you* with any sort of spam.



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