This 2016.1 release is based on Anaconda/Miniconda?, Python 3.5, and includes updates to CALCOS and CRDS.

Perform the following steps in your terminal to install the release:

  1. Install Anaconda3 or Miniconda

For detailed instructions of this step, please visit:

$ wget $ bash

# Miniconda (if preferred)

$ wget $ bash

  1. Install the pipeline

$ conda create -n hstdp-2016.1 --file

  1. Enter a BASH shell

$ bash

  1. Activate the pipeline environment

$ source activate hstdp-2016.1

Additional Notes

A fresh installation is of Anaconda3 is not required for each HSTDP release. The method described here allows multiple, entirely segregated pipeline installations. To facilitate ease of use, all future Anaconda3-based release messages will provide a "one-liner" installation procedure. This text will precede the generic installation instructions. The format will be as follows:

For existing installations:


As bugfixes are announced your pipeline software may be updated by issuing the command:


# For example, this release's bugfix update procedure is: $ conda update --file

For Anaconda, updates will not be supplied via external installation addons as either tarballs or scripts. Also keep in mind, Conda, the Anaconda package manager, may prompt you automatically to upgrade packages deemed out of date.

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