Installing the software

After downloading the pysynphot software and uncompressing the archive, it can be installed in the usual way

python install

(If you've never installed software this way before, you might want to check out the Python standard installation guide.)

Installing the data

For full functionality, you will also need to download and install the throughput files, and you may wish to download the additional spectral data files that are available. These files must be installed under a single top-level directory. Once you have created this directory, set the environment variable PYSYN_CDBS to point to it.

setenv PYSYN_CDBS /where/the/datafiles/are/

To install the files, place the compressed tar files in this directory, then uncompress and untar them. On a Unix system, the following commands will accomplish this:

For a file named something.tar.Z:

uncompress something.tar.Z
tar -xvf something.tar

For a file named something.tar.gz:

tar -xvzf something.tar.gz

Testing the installation

Once you have installed the software and data, and set the PYSYN_CDBS environment variable correctly, you can verify the installation as follows:

>>> import pysynphot as S
>>> S._test()

If you have not installed all the data files, some of the tests may fail, but most should run.


If you encounter problems, you can contact us by emailing help@….

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